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Inspired by nature, crafted by hand


By Curtis Australia

Since our founding, master jeweller Glenn Curtis has led Curtis Australia with a passion for the natural world and a keen awareness of the design possibilities all around us.

Our exclusive, handcrafted, jewellery collections reflect this passion and dedication to innovative design.

Explore below to discover our range.


‘If quality is in the detail, and I believe it is,  then the products offered by Curtis Australia are indeed of the highest caliber’



The Myst Collection is inspired by watching the soft, early morning sunlight glistening on the ripples of a misty lake, and the sun drenched golden look of water rushes swaying in the breeze on the banks of a pristine lake in Australia.


A stunning necklet inspired by the majestic flight of a soaring bird resolving to sensuous, intertwining forms that suggest life itself.

These remarkable pieces are cleverly coloured in different golds, each element ​perfectly polished before being enhanced with individually selected diamonds.


As jewellers we love gems and our Colours Collection is a playful riot of colour.

Choose fascinating watches with swirling elements and a sense of fun, ​to inlaid hardstone pieces that feature malachite, mother of pearl, onyx and carnelian.  Explore a rich world of colour!


Floriale brings together nature and light in a sparkling, fresh and fun collection.

​The designs reflect the Curtis fascination with the natural world and combines the jeweller’s palette of beautiful gemstones and golds while capturing your heart.


Remember those magical days at the beach? These intriguing designs draw inspiration from beautiful coastlines with their undulating abstract shapes recalling golden sand sculptured by wind and sea.

Accented with diamonds or your choice of coloured gems, the Beach collection evokes those halcyon summer days.


Our international award winning designers have created a unique, hand crafted range of diamond jewellery that flows with intertwining forms that suggest life itself.

​​Be inspired to choose different gold and gem colours to reflect your personality perfectly.