Flight of Fantasy

The Fantasy Collection

Beautifully hand crafted, sensuous and stunning, this masterpiece wraps you ​effortlessly in the warm glow of champagne and white diamonds. Inspired by the soaring flight of an graceful bird, with a beautiful champagne pear shaped diamond at the ​centre that will steal your heart. 

​Hand made by us. A flight of fantasy was very much in mind when design work began on this unique and graceful diamond necklet. In solid gold,  hand forged to fit perfectly around the subtle form of an elegant neckline, this stunning tour de force in diamonds  has a fluidity and appeal that could only have come from a truly imaginative mind.

At the centre, a pear shaped champagne diamond from Australia at 1.65 carats is rub over set by hand. Flowing from this focal point are carefully selected and graduated diamonds that vary in hue from champagne colours to white, as though pouring from a river of light. The result is a shimmering array of colour and brilliance that delights the eye and bewitches at the slightest movement.

The necklet itself transitions from solid yellow gold to rose gold, and is hand forged over hours of skilled craftsmanship. At each of the open ends, a brilliant cut diamond adds a final touch to this fine piece – one that flows with an easy elegance.