The Myst Collection

The ‘Myst’ Collection – polished gold criss crosses over constrasting diamonds, coloured gold or mother of pearl – stunning combinations of abstract elements within simple geometric shapes, bringing you more than just a touch of flair and style.

Inspired by early morning sunlight filtering across a reed fringed lake, you’ll love the elegance and style of our ‘Myst’ Collection, every piece of which we hand craft in our own Australian studio – just for you.

Create your own ‘Myst’ Collection with stunning watches, breathtaking jewellery and more.

Crafting the Myst watch
Myst Watches

The Myst Watch

Myst Necklet

Myst Pearl Pendant

Myst Pen

Myst Pen

Myst Pendant

Myst Ring

Myst Earrings

Myst Sunrise Ring

The Myst Collection