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A Passion For Creativity

The Story of Curtis Australia

New for 2023, this beautifully presented hardback book tells much more than just the Curtis brand story. It describes how, from humble beginnings and a heritage of five generations of Australian craft, Master Jeweller Glenn Curtis has developed an international award winning luxury brand that continues to delight, evolve and surprise.

An artful and insightful look into the design ethos behind our watch, jewellery and pen collections, it explains how creative ideas are often inspired by our beautiful Australian surroundings.

Highlights of the Curtis story include the history of the brand, including significant moments and our philanthropic philosophy. This image filled book would make the perfect gift for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and beautifully resolved creativity in precious gems and gold.

Hardback, matte cover with 144 pages on 200 gsm matte art paper, 8.5×11″ (21.5cm x 28cm).  Recommended Retail Price $79.95, special offer for Curtis Australia customers $59.00 with free shipping.

Take A Look Inside

The Curtis family has been creating fine objects in Australia since the 1890’s, with each generation putting their own style, drive and personality into the endeavour. 

Curtis Australia is the culmination of this progression and this book is a glimpse into what we create, our designs and our philanthropic philosophies.

Use the controls to flip through some pages of the book.

Discover insights on designs, unique pieces we have made and Glenn’s ethos for crafting the highest quality watches, jewellery and pens.