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Put simply, Curtis Creates. We’ve an international reputation for superb quality and considered craftsmanship that reaches around the world, forming and building significant relationships.

A Passion for Creativity has been the ethos of Glenn Curtis and the team at Curtis Australia for many years. Over this time many really special pieces have been created, accolades received and relationships developed.

Join an exclusive group of people who appreciate the difference Curtis offers. 

Glenn judging entries in the Global Jewellery Design competition


Curtis enjoys relationships with some of the world’s most high profile brands, including Rolls Royce Motor Cars who asked Glenn Curtis to be the main speaker at the all important launch of their latest Cullinan SUV.

Always highly selective in their partnerships, Rolls Royce recognise in Curtis a similar ethos and skills – evidenced in the way both brands go about creating extraordinarily beautiful things crafted to the world’s very highest standards.


Rio Tinto Diamonds are the world’s only producers of Silvermist Diamonds. Curtis Australia were one of a select handful of ateliers invited to create unique jewellery showcasing these very special gems. 

With a soft sheen and unusual colour, Silvermist Diamonds were set with stunning effect in our Myst Necklet, stylishly and unforgettably evoking morning mist rising over a reed fringed lake. 


As creators of uniquely designed gifts, Curtis Australia were honoured to be invited to design special gifts for the Parliament of Australia to give to VIP’s, both in Australia and on overseas trips. Our work for the Parliament includes special pens, brooches and cuff links, featuring the Golden Wattle, Australia’s floral emblem.

In addition, we have also created special pens for the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards, given to some of Australia’s most outstanding authors in different genres to mark their significant achievements. Past recipients of these hand crafted bespoke gifts include Germaine Greer and Clive James. 


Curtis Australia are proud to have created special gifts for the Office of the Governor of Victoria. These uniquely designed and hand crafted pieces are inspired by the flora and fauna of the Australian state.

Pictured are a letter opener featuring the rare helmeted honeyeater, and a brooch with the enigmatic weedy seadragon, gifts that are both appropriate and fitting.


Another of our philanthropic projects is the Taronga Zoo Conservation Society Pen, a project that aligned with this landmark Zoo’s centenary. The pen highlights the endangered status of five of Australia’s most endangered and best known animals. The tiny Corroboree frog that grips the very top of the sculptured pen has been hand set with black diamonds, the yellow gold combining to mimic the distinctive camouflage.  Modelled by Glenn Curtis himself, this tactile masterpiece demonstrates another of his many talents – of which New York Times Best Selling Author Bradley Trevor Greive was moved to say:

The Curtis Taronga Centenary Pen is a rare object of singular beauty and noble purpose to be enjoyed and treasured”

This beautifully imagined pen embraces many of the aspects for which Glenn is known, –  a sense of form married to a real understanding and respect for a his craft – skills that have endured for thousands of years. Today, Curtis put those time honoured techniques to work across several precious disciplines. It’s fair to say that the jeweller’s influence shines right through the brand, illuminating their jewellery, watch and pen collections too.